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Integrated Roof-mounted Directional Speaker with Built-in Amplifier

Item #: NG-DS-R3
Rated Power: 27W
Product Details


Directional speaker is a kind of speakerdesigned for individuals to focus sound to the head without disturbing otherpeople around. It is so funny that you listen to music without earphones inloud sound and no one else can hear what you are listening or directly sendmessage to someone’s head keeping others unalarmed.

Directional speakers are also widely used inretail stores, exhibits, museums and other crowded places where you get thedescription of a product or an art in a museum or showroom by these speakers.They produce sound in specific direction, so you must be in the right place tohear the sound and no one else is hearing it except you. This technology hasvast applications in various fields.

1. Museums

2. Libraries

3. Trade Shows

4. Offices

5. Shopping Malls

6. Indoor and outdoor advertising

Directional speakers use an array ofpiezoelectric ultrasonic transducers to produce a sound beam which points tospecific direction like a laser beam. These small ultrasonic transducers arecapable of producing sound at high frequencies which lead to a narrow beam ofsound wave produced by devices, and the ultrasonic beam can only be heard alonga very specific path, just like a spotlight.


Compact size and light weight

High directivity

Multiple audio sources can be played at oneplace and at same time without interference each other

Noise free, only heard within specificangles, no interference, no noise around

Refraction, can be reflected by flatsurface, virtual audio player available

Easy to install and simple maintenance

Main Features

Business Values

Compact size
   Light weight

More convenient for various commercial   applications

Various installation forms, ultra thin,   easy installation

High directivity

The sound is controlled in specific range

Different sounds are targeted to specific   areas and audiences, no interference

More far-reaching and less attenuation

Effectively solve noise problem


The sound can be reflected by flat   surface, and virtual sound source can be realized

Multiple sound track

Stereo is available

Unique audio treatment technology

Low distortion, wide frequency response, various   audio sources can be used