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Long Range Directed Acoustic Hailing Device

Item #: NG-MAD-1000
Rated Power: 240W
Product Details

Long Range Directed Acoustic Device

The powerful Directed acoustic beam is widely used to disperse illegal crowds in the most humane way, so it is the best alternative for anti-illegal rally and invasion. In comparison with the traditional loudspeaker system, the long range Directed acoustic device is a revolutionary technology of extended coverage, enabling broadcasts to be heard and understood clearly over long distances from hundreds of meters up to one kilometer, even across buildings. It has great deterrent power to force the audience to leave the forbidden area; besides, it has accurate orientation capacity, can be aimed at a certain angle to emit unbearable irritating voices, but brings no uncomfortable feelings at other angles.

MAD (3).jpg

Main Applications:

For anti-drug, anti-smuggling and anti-cross border at the frontiers, anti-smuggling at sea, public security and law enforcement, broadcasts and dispersion at airports and sea ports etc.

1. Issue prompt notifications and warnings to the people, vehicles in some far distance

2. Issue warnings for emergencies (illegal rallies, riots, unprovoked approach and invasion)

3. Issue unbearable noises to the illegal invasion ships at the territorial waters

4. To control the judicial detainees and prisoners, and to patrol

5. For communication and coordination at the site of severe natural disaster rescue

6. To prevent terrorists, hostages and organized terrorist activities

7. To prevent illegal entry or smuggling across borders

Key Technologies:

1. Energy transducer array: adopt the advanced technologies of finite element method, electromechanical coupling analysis, solid-fluid coupling analysis, build 2D mathematical model of coherent superposition,   use nonlinear neural network compensation control, effectively forming the sound wave bunching angle, to achieve the best focus, orientation and penetration effect;

2. Energy transducer unit: use such new materials as piezoelectric elastic materials, NdFeB, and bending structure to achieve high sensitivity, good impact resistance, and vocal clarity;

3. Ultrasonic modulation: in contrast to the traditional loudspeakers using cylinder mechanism to stimulate air vibration, the Directed acoustic device adopts ultrasonic sensor to produce highly oriented ultrasonic signal, which is demodulated to get high Directed audible sound by the nonlinear effect of ultrasonic wave in the air.

4. Digital power amplifier: energy-efficient, compact and lightweight, reliable and durable;

5. Low power requirement

6. System integration: effective coupling between various levels of the system, effective impedance matching between the amplifier and transducer, dynamic range adjustment of digital signal processing and digital power amplifier, distortion correction etc.

Special Features:

1. Unique C-3D DSP technology, providing such functions as extension, control, input and processing, and built-in protections

2. Remote control and networking operation module are optional

3. Internal dual channel independent power supply system, in case of emergency it can still work

4. YYEngine amplification drive technology can achieve unprecedented sound quality

5. Low profile

6. Mounting on tripods, small vessels, vehicles

7. Can work on both DC and AC, high efficient and cost-effective, good for fast deployment

Technical Specifications:

Max sound pressure level: 158.6 DB @1M, 120 dB @1M (at low level)

Nominal beam angle: +/-15o@2kHz

Power consumption: 240W, 480W (peak)

Input power: AC 90-240V/50-60Hz, DC12-30V

Size: 88x17cm

Weight: 29.5kg

Dispelling distance: 100M

Broadcasting distance: 3000M

Hand-held microphone audio output

Recorded audio MP3 file output